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Damian G.


The progressyve cause will not stand for this!




Or you could just read some of these progressive books.


So, where's the eBay link for your advance copies?

Red Loser

"A colorful assortment of liberal characters ooze out of the woodwork to put these corporatist urchins back on the straight and narrow."


Oh, wait. It's just you, Larry. Well, I'll let it slide for now...but I've got my eye on you!


the author almost crosses over into the dishonorable realm of satire; the last refuge of idiots

hehehehe - too funny


Satire? What does Larry know about satire?


Books make good firestarters...

Barbara BoxEater

Lactating Larry,

How dare you promote right wing drivel on your liberal blog. Is this some subtle endorsement of censorship? You know as well as I do that all my buddies in the ACLU oppose all forms of censorship except when it comes to this subversive crap.

It's because of people like you that us progressives are forced to resort to censorship to preserve the mighty union of Caliburrito.

Go to Hell!


Ok Larry, this is twice in one week where I'm going to have to demand that you swing that fork extra hard as you stab yourself in the thigh.

1. Does this 'chyldren's' book once mention the scream of the tree as it's lemony offspring are ripped from its bosom? Julia Butterfly Hill spun an anguished tale of how Luna wept hot sap when her sister trees were disemboweled via rusty chainsaw, but did you mention that? No. Instead, you focus on the 'humyn' issues instead of the true victims of the hyper-capitalist mentality.

2. Who cares what these 'women' say about the Hillbilly from Hope? True womyn recognize themselves as mere receptacles for such enlightened seed as our former Maximum Leader excreted and are content and happy in that role. This isn't some cro-magnon oaf like Clarence Thomas we're talking about; this is the Hillbilly from Hope. Tell these girls to zip it and make the enlightened one some dinner.

For these crimes, I demand an extra hour under the sink for you.

Che Guevarito


I notice you didn't do a book review for Help Mom!... on Amazon. I know it's gauche to participate in a greedy corporate activity aimed at getting people to spend money, but you'd be doing the liberal commuity a favor by sharing your wisdom.

John Roberts Oppresses Cross-Dressing Toads

Does this 'chyldren's' book once mention the scream of the tree as it's lemony offspring are ripped from its bosom?

Oh my Goddess, Moonchyld... I bow to your Buddha nature. You are freaking brilliant.

I'm still laughing :)

John Roberts Oppresses Cross-Dressing Toads

...thump thump thump thump...

I'm off to ovulate synchronistically while climbing a redwood tree and lighting a candle in the darkness...


Down with Bush

You forgot to mention President Clinton's autobiography. Now there's a book that explains everything you wanted to know. Like how anything bad that happened to him was just part of the right wing conspiracy. Plus, he puts that whole Lewinsky misunderstanding in perspective. It wasn't a big deal of course, its only worth a few pages!


Here's some of the great summmer books I'm reading

"Hey red states"! "blow me"
"All fucking repugs must fucking hang"
"The guide to taxing our way to an heathly world"
"We should never go to war over anything"
"Air America Reader"
"The angel among us: "The bill clinton story"

Vishnu Troll Daddy Earth Goddess

Read these:


About this book: This kind of "humor" is not only shameful and distasteful, but irresponsible and hateful. Why any parent with half a brain would want to read this book to their children is incomprehensible. Last time I checked, hatred was not a "family value". I wouldn't suggest buying this book, unless of course you would like your child to grow up to be an uncaring and uneducated fascist-loving Hitler of an adult. What's more, It's bad enough conservatives build up this fictional strawman of the "America-hating liberal" who loves taxes and hates Jesus. Christ! Just because we compare our military to Pol Pot, Hitler and the Gulags, work avidly 'round the clock to take down any and every public display with the hint of religiousity - (unless it's tax-funded anti-religious art) doesn't mean we hate Jesus or America! But to sell that snake oil to kids? Ms. DeBrecht should be ashamed. Conservatives have managed to politicize the news, the courts, the pulpit... can we at least keep politics out of the playpen?
BTW:You want a good book for your kids? 2 Enthusiastic thumbs up for "Rainbow Party"!

Friend of USA

I remember watching julia Butterfly Hill when she was a guest on Politically incorrect with Bill Maher a few years ago.

She was weird, she didn't have much more facial expression a tree, I think she stayed up that tree so long that she was beginning to turn into a plant!but at least she was a totally inoffensive kind of progressive.

If you ask me, I think more progressives should spend months living in trees...


Vishnu, linky broken. Went to your blog, though, and dropped a comment!


Wait, what does Liberal Larry have to do with satire? I've only heard truth speaking to power at this blogsite. There's no satire here.


The nerve of some kkkonservative rightwing-nuts trying to besmircy Larry's hard-won journalistic reputation with Zionist Joooooooo lies! Next thing you know these neo-kkkon wolves in sheep's clothing are going to tell us that Jooooooooos used to occupy the Gaza Strip and the West Bank two thousand years ago. Another Zionist propaganda lie.

Every educated progressyve knows the Old Testament was really written by Zionist Elders during the Dark Ages and it's the prequel to the DaVinci Code. Sheesh, some people are just plain stoooopid!


"Books make good firestarters..."

When you say that, camojack, I hope you're talking about the Bible and any biography of Ronald Reagan.

Toady baby

That burning pain...was that when he peed?


Toady baby

What a waste of Luna's pulp! Of course having liberals under your bed is a good thing, but having a few init would be even better! That author totallly misses the point and toys with young children's emotions.

The second book should be sold as outhouse tp. Clinton was a sensitive, caring man who loved women. He even asked Jaunita Broderick if she wanted him with ice.

I am swooning at the thought of him ever touching me.


I`m confused.
So this Butterfly gal climbs a tree?
Is she trying to molt, or is she just trying to find the best firewood so she can cook her man a good meal, like all broads should ?


Burn a tree? To cook a man a meal? Arrrgh! THUD!...........

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