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The Powers That Be

Hilarious as always, Professym.


"Today, students hail from a variety of racial backgrounds, belief systems, genders, and subgenders, each with their own socio-perceptual and multisensory learning style."

I am sorry, but I believed Bush's aliens abducted and brainwashedto think that there were only GENDERS, I totally forgot about the subgenders!!!

Larry, could you expand on the definition of genders?

Multisensory learning style, is that like singing "Gunga, galunga" in all 400 languages of the world except for the white male hegemonic chokehold-that is-English?


I "maxed" the ASVAB...go figure.

Stubby Butz


Remember me? I, of course, remember YOU!

I would NEVER trust a Skull-And-Bones man, that's why I voted for Ker...huh, what?

Uh never mind.


We worship at the feet of your Professymish brilliance.


How do you prevent the maragarita from leaking out the indians eyesockets? Do you cork them up like the spoke holes in a motorcycle rim before you powder-coat it?

The profym is right. It is more important how i feel about my bowel movement versus putting it under a microscope.


I take offence to the term subgendered. It inherently implys a lower status than the "traditionally" gendered. If you keep tossing a word like that around the subversive, subhuman repuglicans will only latch on to it as a means to demean and demoralize our non traditionally gendered citizens.


What nonsense!!!

How do you define education? Who decides upon what is a RIGHT answer and a WRONG answer? Whatever happened to the progressive educational revolutoin of the 1960s? Have all Piagetian values been rejected?

Whereas in the past lecturers were obsessed with minor nonsenses such as spelling, grammer, history, and numeracy... modern universities encourage (or at least, they used to encourage before the reactionary policies of the Bush administration) the growth of the inner student, like a flourishing flower.

Why stifle a child's creativity with one size fits all 'standards'? Why DICTATE to pupils the CORRECT way to spell a word? Why DICTATE to pupils warped concepts such as absolute RIGHT answers, and absolute WRONG answers? Who is to say what's right and whats wrong?

Why should the state LEGITIMATE certain words and sentence structures? That's fascism, pure and simple. The aim of education ought to be to allow pupils to create their own world view, not indoctrinate them.

John Kerry was a product of a progressive educational golden age. Like Foucault, he realized that there were no historical facts, only passing perspectives. This is why he kept changing his story regarding his medals, purple hearts, SUVs etc. He realized that there was no grand, all embracing meta-narrative to encompass his own life experiences, only fleeting reconstructive simulacra's.

Che Guevarito

I "maxed" the ASVAB...go figure.

Sample questions from the ASVAB with correct answer in bold:

(1) Are you an inner-city youth? Y/N

(2) Are you a minority? Y/N

(3) You come across a village of unarmed, peace-loving civilians, do you:
A: Rape the womyn and burn the babies?
B: Rape the babies and burn the women?
C: Rape and burn them all?
D: Win their hearts and minds by embracing their culture.

(4) You are guarding a non-caucasian male suspected of ripping the tag off his mattress in a Muslim country. Do you:
A: Rape his wife and children?
B: Burn his peaceful village?
C: Give his Koran a pearl necklace (Or otherwise deface it. Be creative!)?
D: All of the above?

(5) You discover that your barracks-mate is a homosexual. Do you:
A: Embrace his/her diversity?
B: Experiment with him/her to discover your true sexual nature?
C: Tell everyone he's queer, beat the crap out of him and drum his un-God-fearin' ass out of the service? Yee-Haw!
D: Wear a rainbow ribbon on your uniform as a show of solidarity.

Friend of USA

Same with driving licenses, who is to judge who can or can not drive?

We should be given a driving permit the day we are tall enough to see above the dash while reaching the pedals, even if that means one has to be driving standing up.

Driving on the sidewalk at 70 mph is only a different way of expressing how one feels towards movement and inertia.

And we should only stop at red lights if we feel like it.

Policemen should tell us how they feel about our driving.
A good conversation and a hug should be enough to replace fines.


Larry! How do you find time to teach at Evergreen, work at Seattle Hemp Products, and maintain your thoughful blog? They each sound like gigs that entail a full-time commitment. I guess that makes you THREE TIMES MORE COMMITTED than anyone else, Goddess bless you.

Che Guevarito - I like how you think!


Larry! How do you find time to teach at Evergreen, work at Seattle Hemp Products, and maintain your thoughful blog? They each sound like gigs that entail a full-time commitment. I guess that makes you THREE TIMES MORE COMMITTED than anyone else, Goddess bless you.

[...] task of the educational system is to ween students [...]

Interesting usage.

Che Guevarito

Another question:

You are assigned to a security detail outside a nucyular weapons facility that is being protested by long-haired hippy-type pinko fags. Do you:
A: Respect their First Amendment right to peacefully dissent the policies of their government?
B: Abandon your post and join them out of respect for mother Gaia?
C: Grant CBS news an interview (While in uniform), in which you point out the hypocrasy of the USA owning WMD, while denying them to peace-loving nations like North Korea?
D: Draw straws with the other sentries to decide who gets to take out Martin Sheen.


That's just cold.


So affirmative action tells us that we can say Juanny can't read because he hails from Me-hee-ko. IOW, politically correct racism.

Vishnu Troll Daddy Earth Goddess

I was fortunate to have been raised in a grade-free environment, where learner (not student) growth (not achievement) is dialogued (not recorded) with meaningful symbolism (not grades).

I was a straight triangle student. My non-biological parental guides couldn't have been more undisappointed.

Damian G.

Well, obviously this whole grades thing is just a clever ploy by the Rethuglicans to steal the White House from Goddess Hillary in '08!!!
And what right have we to judge these so-called "grades," anyway?
It's not like they are any determining factor in one's intellectual prowess. Al Gore was a "bad" student, too, but we all know how he invented the Internet.
Goddess help us in this, our time of strife.


Does anyone have Prince Albert in a can?


Damn, you are so right, Liberal Larry. I need to round up some of my more progressyve male friends, grab the bongos and bongs and head for the hills to be at one with nature in one happy harmonic convergence lalapalooza. How stupid and vain of me to have such angst over artificial grading systems. Clearly Jean Claude Kerry was above it all and was merely trying to forge a new progressyve paradigm that doesn't put such emphasis on what troglodykkke kkkonservatives call "objective reality". It's wrong to hurt people's self-esteem and sense of worth by holding them to an artificial standard of achievement. Praise Gaia, I'm free at last!

But what about speed limits, stop signs, and yield signs? As progressyves shouldn't we do away with those Rethuglikkkan-like absolute standards, too?


Did you know Kerry served in VietNam?


How Bushitler like to design STOP signs or as I like to call them Repression signals. Its just another way to repress my freedoms. In this case freedom of movement.

Friend of USA

Stop and go trafic can increase a car's fuel consumption by at least 20%.

So we now who created red lights, stop signs and other unnecessary things just to increase their sales of fuel...


"How Bushitler like to design STOP signs or as I like to call them Repression signals. Its just another way to repress my freedoms. In this case freedom of movement."

Well, as I've discussed before, in the East Valley of AZ, "STOP," is actually an abbreviation for, "Slow down a tad and put it to the floor if anyone else hesitates." Much more progressyve, and much less repressive that way, ain't it!

Friend of USA

Same here Janny, in a different time zone and a different country , in a province that speaks a different language, 3000 miles away from AZ, people drive the same crazy way.

And it's not that they don't immobilize the car I have a problem with , it is that they don't even F***K'N look, they don't even turn their little stupid head before they step on it...

Maybe Bush forced both our governments to give driving licenses to any bad driver who will burn fossil fuels ?

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