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Stalin Lives In Boston

lol, Lincoln was a Fag....

btw... FIRST!!!

CKCat, Altitudinous & Attitudinous

That's it!! No more Vidal hair care products & appliances for me! I'm boycotting them. I'm throwing away what I already have!

I was wondering how the helk long it would take you to finish that Maya Angelou book, Larry! Sheesh! Was it typed too fast for ya, Professym??

And what the helk is "Ulntimately", Larry??
Yeah, go ahead and call me a fascist! I'm out of estrogen (I gave the last of mine to whiney hiney Che G) and I have a gun (but I'm not a member of the NRA & I didn't buy it at Wal Mart).

Did you not like how we re-stocked your under the sink cupboard, after Screwie Hoolie pillaged it?


Aaargh! I can't...he's so...OOO!

I tell ya, that Bush...makes me so MAD! So high and mighty, with his gestapo goons, his warmongering attitude, his Clint Eastwood-esque sneer, his strong masculine squint, his full, pouty lips, his frilly underthings....NO! I mean--OOO!

Barbara BoxEater


Sounds like sour grapes to me. I had read on that you and Mr. VD Gore had a little tryst and after you gave him warts on his naughty parts he dumped you.

Get over it. Just because he was the best you ever had does not give you the right to degrade his precious wisdom.

PS: Hillary says to lay off the frogs.

Put the frog down.

Just say no.


Is Gore Vidal the "love child" of algore and Vidal Sassoon?


Gore Vidal must be pronounced with proper phrench nuance - Gho wahr' Vee dahlll. You shall not mispronounce his name in ugly American redneckese "Gory Vittle".

Is a Sassoon a sassy babboon?

Deuse est Semper Fidelis



How can you continue to pander to the Bushies by not commenting on Mother Gia's rejection of SUVs in New York.
Is it even remotely possible that tha freeway would have been hit by that earth if Bush had ratified Kyoto? Please go back to showing how all the evils of the world (not to judge what is eveil) are Bushitler's fault.


I always thought Vidal was a closet Zionist neo-kkkon. Give me a break.

Che Guevarito

As a child, my mother would read to me from his books when I had trouble sleeping.

Small world. My mother reads Al Gore to me when I have trouble sleeping.

CKCat, Altitudinous & Attitudinous

I had a babysitter try to read Al Gore to me once. I reported them to Social Services and the cops arrested them.

They confiscated all the materials and shipped them to GTMO to play over the loud speakers. The interrogations have been productive. They reward the prisoners that "talk" with listening to Fran Drescher read the book of Numbers and Lamentations from the Byble.


I heard Vidal in Berkeley a few years ago & he was SO BORING

CKCat, Altitudinous & Attitudinous

I heard Vidal in Berkeley a few years ago & he was SO BORING

HAIRY TICK!!! How DARE you? I suppose you also think Helen Thomas is not the essence of WOMYN!


Mother Gia?

Is that Karmen by chance?

Bore Vidal

I resemble that remark, jeff.

A little Bird

Congrats. You have made the Political Site of the Day list.



I ate a vidalia onion once. Does that make me gay?


Is Gore Vidal AlGore's evil neo-kkkon clone? Only their hairdressers know for sure.

And speaking of neo-kkkons and hairdressers, howie, have you stopped dating that male hairdresser from Buenos Aires? A simply yes or no will do.


Bluestateredneck said: "I ate a vidalia onion once. Does that make me gay?"

I would say that the answer would lie in the, "method," you used to eat it....

Bore Vidal

"I ate a vidalia onion once. Does that make me gay?"

Well Hellloooooooooooooooo Handsome!

Bore Vidal

Didn't Katherine Hepburn once say, "I could peel you like a vidalia onion and God Himself wouldn't grant you mercy".


I felched it with a straw, gerbil free.


Wyoming sexy means he line dances in waders swinging a live cougar.


"I felched it with a straw, gerbil free."

'Nuff said!

Liberal Larry

"Congrats. You have made the Political Site of the Day list."

Don't think I'm not flattered, but the description stinks:
"This blogger is working to get banned from certain blogs."

I dedicate 5% of this webpage to listing sites I've been banned from, and you think that's the whole purpose of this blog? Pal, I'm here to expose the lies, corruption, and arrogant swaggering of our current peeResident. Getting banned from right-wing fascist blogs is simply the price I pay for writing the truth.


Of course Lincoln was gay. My great grandaddy bagged him just after he gave the Gettysburg Address. He was a "top."

And don't even talk to me about Bush's "package" like everybody was doing after he landed on that aircraft carrier.

No wonder the Bu$Hitler invades those low lying countries. Isn't it all just a metaphor for the hegemony of the phallus? Ah, for the day when peace loving Muslims rule AmeriKKKa.

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