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You've had me worried, Larry. In particular when in your last story you said: "but Bush is doing his darndest to make me dislike him'

Your credibility with me, as a true progressive, was called into question. A true progressive already 100% hates the Shrub!

3 blatant Bush bashing stories in a row has restored my faith in you. I'm heartened to see all three of them start with "Bush: Ruins...Slashes......Famine."

And why in the helk would Shrubya demand an apology from Newsweek? He should have been flattered that with their false but accurate story, in their own round about way were telling the terrorists: "Bring It ON!".

There he goes again, screwing with the economy via Newsweek magazine. Again abusing his (stolen) power, it's probably just the Imperialist Cowboy exacting revenge for Newsweeks non-disclosure agreement with RIGHTFUL President, John Kerry's campaign!

Pol Pothead

Professym, far be it from me to, like, correct you and sh*t on matters of semantics, but we Progressyves don't usually refer to our allies as 'fanatical Muslims'; that's like, Bushollini's language of hate and sh*t. Down here at the Vyacheslav Molotov Wymyn's Center for Misspelling Certain Words, like, we prefer to call our Middle-Eastern comrades 'Koranically-empowered combustion enthusiasts'. Remember that we kewl progressyves and the jihad-dudes are on the same side and sh*t in this struggle... at least until we get all the KKKristians and neocons (meaning Jooooooos) out of the way...


Leninist Larry;
"But the real victim here is Newsweek. By forcing the magazine's editors to crawl on their knees and apologize for telling the truth or a close fascimile thereof, the Bushies have intentionally and maliciously cast aspersions on Newsweek's credibility"

You didn't hear it from me, but the whole story was a Karl Rove misinformation campaign. There was no Koran...there was no toilet.

I mean really...look at where the detainees are being kept, you think plumbing and wastewater facilities were "miracled" into place on Gitmo for plywood shacks full of undesireables?

Plenty of five gallon buckets to go 'round.

And how do I know that this was all a sucker job?

I'm the highly placed anonymous government source.

Hey, why not? The Admiral called me and gave me a double sawbuck to lay some jive on a goof reporter...who wouldn't?

Usually the only thing the Admiral tells me is:

"Hand me the nine-iron, you bum."

Now I'm drinking free cold malt liquor and watching the snotty reporter dudes eat dookie because the Muslims flipped out and killed each other.



That flush certainly beat a pair of jokers...


Yeah, Liberal Larry, and I bet that KKKarl Rove sent a secret communiqué to the editors of NEWSWEEK™ that if they didn't retract the story then he was going to send some jackbooted stormtroopers over there to retract it for them.

And you know for those CIA spooks to be able to flush a Koran down the toilet this must mean the American government didn't install the environmentally friendly 1.8 gallon toilets at Gitmo but rather the old four gallon crappers. See, see, another example or our government and evil multi-national crapper corporations raping the environment! Castro ought to invade Gitmo for that reason alone.

Friend of USA

I once met a woman who had fake but accurate orgasms.

She was a liberal obviously...


Most American cant' grasp the meaning of "fake but accurate" reporting. Every liberal is doing it - hence it must be good. The average Joe should take a deep bong hit and live with it.

Even if Newsweek lied and a few heathens died, do you think Bush would care? Probably so.

But, progressives like Larry and Liberal Ledger know a few liberals must die for the good of liberalism. From our point of view; in the long run, it's Bush's fault!

The MSM had the basic story right. Sure, Koran books don't easily flush down the toilet. But, that is an excellent excuse of instigating violence. And, it is the proper method - even if a few innocent Muslims get killed - to get the message to Bush to leave and take his war toys home (just imagine a Islamic crowd flushing a women in front our liberal cameras - our royalties would sky rocket - Bush would be gone in a second).

Far from blaming liberals and their cameramen, Bush should be thankful that such propaganda thinned-out the ranks of his enemies - and temporarily turned the world's collective un- plucked eyes away from Bush's business.

Sadly, this fake but accurate report will give Bush more power to investigate a simple mass killing or "mass death with dignity" ritual which are natural in such a calm region of the world. Why knock over the "death with dignity" cart? It would only cause heads to roll.

Now, Larry and others, may just see this as circular event. But, we need more circular killings to prove to the world that the USA should exit the area and encourage more killings. It's the circle of death that must be keep alive!

Further, if Michael Moore would just Fork Lift himself out of limousine for a moment and document this tragedy as it unfolds - more money would pour into liberal causes - like providing Michael Moore with 5 course meals around the clock and Bono singing the Star Spangled Banner of Death to America. I see great role for this type of "fake but accurate reporting."

Keep up the great reporting Larry!


Lawrence of Olympia does it again! Getting on his camel of Progessyve Thought, he tells it like it is. In a false but accurate satire, he describes the reaction of the Bush Junta to the MSM. Helk, we all knew after the Clintons left the White House that Mom and Dad were there.

The reactions of the journalists was priceless.


I have 2 points I'd like to make here.

First of all, it is a myhth to claim that women in muslim countries have no rights. In fact, they are far freer than women in the West!

Secondly, Bush and his Conservative ilk have sown the seeds for future terrorist attacks by promoting family values. The family unit is the root cause of terrorism!


Che Guevarito

One more victim in Bush's illegal and immoral war on Terror. Why didn't Larry index it under "Bush's Body Count"?

The thing that concerns me here is that there seems to be a growing trend within this administration to hold journalists to some impossibly high standard of truthfulness and integrity. Where is this country going if Journalists can't exercise a little artistic license?

I mean, Dan Rather isn't some lowly blogger sitting at his computer in his jammies. Michael Isikoff isn't some underpaid CIA civil servant being asked about a rogue nation's most covert operations. How can these respected journalists be expected to check their facts like some college freshman?

Except Matt Drudge. He should be held to a higher standard because he's just an internet gossip.

The good news is that Isikoff should win the Peabody award next year.

Che Guevarito

Comrade Comrade Smirnoff,

Those are excellent articles. I particularly liked the first one, with its poignant point, "...Islamic culture allows women to wear the burka, effectively liberating them from the aesthetic 'rat race'. That is why so many enlightened 'sisters' such as Germaine Greer have woken up to the fact that we have much to learn from medieval Islamic culture."

Brilliant! For my part, I allow hitchhikers to live, bound and gagged, in the crawlspace under my house, effectively liberating them from the "rat race" of emancipation.


I was happy to put the wonderful facts that Liberal Larry provided to good use. I ran across a Freeper in a discussion room last night, and totally wiped the floor with him as we were arguing about this story; he claimed that journalists were under some "special responsibility" to carefully check a story if there was a likelihood that publication would result in riots, while I demolished his theory by pointing out that all American Reich-wingers were ignorant evil fascists. I then brilliantly pointed out that he was a Nazi, and reduced him to mumbling something about Godwin's Law and then he said he was leaving before association with me dropped his IQ even more. I'll tell you why his IQ was dropping... I was kicking his butt in the argument!


Boy that Shrub sure does hold a grudge. Yet another Dumbya Junta Jihad declared on yet another (olive) branch of the keepers of journalistic integrity!.

At least Clinton had the good sense to successfully bomb an aspirin factory to divert attention away from the Lewdstinky media smear attempt on him. Dumbya can't even get a hand grenade successfully detonated in the Georgia crowd to take the glare off of him for trying to take down Newsweek! And did anyone stop to think how many of our hard earned tax dollars were squandered by the the Hali-Bush-Cheney-Rove-Rums-Rice Reich to pay those whooping and hollering tens of thousands of Georgians to show up in Freedom Square to pretend they liked BusHitler!! we all KNOW there weren't any extras from Hollowood flown in to do that. Hollowood does have their standards after all!

Friend of USA

And it's not like those muslims would ever burn an american flag, them and moonbats are too tolerant and respectfull to ever do such desecrations of an american symbol.

Desperate in Berkeley

Forget all this crap about the riots - I want to know where I can buy that toilet that flushed the quaran. Living in Berkeley, our tiolets barely flush water - when nature calls of a more substantial nature, I sneak into and out of friends houses or public toilets so that someone else can unplug the toilet - a major business in Berkeley is selling plungers - industrial strength plungers. I'd have to sneak this thing in during the dark of the night and would have to kowtow to my Nazi plumber get it installed, but there are somethings that are important. Also, I'd need to be careful what i say in the lounge - I'd probably have other profs sneaking into my house.


How do you do it Larry? Your account was so thrilling and true to life that It's almost like your a fly on the wall in a big room full of shit.

I really feel bad for Helen Thomas. Although she does well for a women with one good eye and a she just hasn't been the same since FDR died.

The old girl still has more get up and go in her wooden leg than Darth Cheney has in his whole Cyberneticly enhanced Thorax.

I have found on the Microsoft website a guide to help the press create more realistic fake but true


Desperate in Berkeley:
"Living in Berkeley, our tiolets barely flush water - when nature calls of a more substantial nature,"

Sorry bub, but there is a design limit to how much fecal matter a toilet can succesfully evacuate.

I'd suggest doing "#2" a la the "Poo Barrymore" gnome optional.


Red Loser

You've had me worried, Larry. In particular when in your last story you said: "but Bush is doing his darndest to make me dislike him'

Your credibility with me, as a true progressive, was called into question. A true progressive already 100% hates the Shrub!

No need to worry, CKCat. What Larry was pointing out is that Dumbya's efforts are pointless--he's trying to earn Larry's ire when in fact it came free of charge!


Look at what the MSM is covering instead of the Bushcartel crimes. What's wrong with the University of Iowa offering a course in porn? Although I do like the statement that "all 20 student slots have been filled." I'll bet they have been...

bridge to tomorrow

My dog tore her knee ligament yesterday.



Is she a transgendered dog? She might have been lifting her leg to well, you know. Show her opinion and mark it.


Red Loser,
Thanks for 'splainin! Your words were comforting. Whew! We must be adamant about this, that as true, genuine article compassionate progressives, we simply can not compromise our white hot hatred for Dumbya!!

Humanly speaking, I feel your pain. My cat drops WMD in his loo EVERY friggin day, thanks to the Bushdanistas and their relentlessness attempts in trying to take me OUT via my olfactory system!

And who in their right mind believes furballs are just a natural part of the feline kingdom? HUH! No No No! KKKarl Roves great, great great great great great great great great, etc., grandfather came up with that one!


"My cat drops WMD in his loo EVERY friggin day..."

Your CAT has a toilet?

Does he own a Koran, too?


Friend of USA

Bubblehead, I thought you might enjoy ( or not..) this one;

- - -

'Little Black Book' teaches kids 'gay' sex
Massachusetts group decries aggressive pro-homosexual advocacy

Posted: May 17, 2005
1:00 a.m. Eastern

© 2005

...Included in the booklet are graphic descriptions of homosexual conduct, including "fisting," along with a photo-spread discussion of condoms and instructions on how to put them on.

Also included is a list of homosexual bars and clubs in the Boston area "for the discerning queerboy." The Article 8 Alliance points out the students attending the event were of middle-school and high-school age.

The booklet mentions abstaining from risky activity, and then states, "But how much fun is that?" ...

- - -

Fisting... OK but...what about felching ?
Shouldn't kid be taught about the proper way to felch ?
Had Bush been taught those things as a kid, there would be world peace right now, fuel prices would be down and social security would not be a problem, just ask any real progressive!

To think we are all sitting on the solution!

Che Guevarito

Are vegans allowed to felch?

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