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Menstrual Rainbow

This is typical of Smirky's smirking arrogance and unilateralism. Surely it should be up to the UN to decide who becomes the *UN* ambassador.

I'm turning even more crimson with shame just imagining Bolton blundering his way into the UN Human Right's meetings, trying to filibuster Zimbabwe, Sudan and North Korea passing resolutions to stand up for the victims of abuse, whether they are in Amerkkka or Israel (or indeed other countries if that were to ever happen). And whilst the hamburger sauce is still dripping from his moustache he'll arrogantly try and stop the UN from carrying out important relief work in disaster areas, such as holding press conferences, relabelling US aid packages with a UN logo etc.

BusHitler McChimpyBurton

We need to win back that warm, liquid love.

I miss those golden showers of blessings.

This George Bollston guy might cause an interruption in the next Rio de Janeiro Earth Summit, tentatively scheduled to occur simultaneously with some local festival they have annually down there. The august diplomats of the UN need to examine how global warming affects the southern hemisphere's nude beaches. Again.

Friend of USA

Doesn't Bolton know that it is un-american to be pro-america ?

Che Guevarito

It really irks me that monkey-boy didn't even nominate Angelina Angelina Jolie, an experienced U.N. diplomat, for the position.

Sure John Bolton talks tough, but can he do an upside-down splits-kick while shooting a flamethrower and returning a golden monkey to Cambodia? Madame Jolie would be a logical choice as a tough, shoot-em-up, squeeze-blood-from-a-redneck ambassador.

Besides, Bolton's moustache is too distracting. Do I really want to be transfixed by a person't mouth when they talk?

Che Guevarito

Damn Bush hacked my HTML!


The U.N. Ambassador’s #1 responsibility is to restore our alliances -- it’s in the Constitution (towards the back). His physical repulsiveness will make that nearly impossible, his glory days from the 1980’s notwithstanding (nobody loved him more than I did, but since then he’s changed). We wouldn’t let Robert Mugobby or Kim Il Sung appoint the leader of the U.N., so why should we let Emperor Chimpitler appoint a jingoistic penical hegemonist like Roger Bolton? I’d like to have somebody explain that to me.

Liberal Larry

That Wilford Brimley mustache looks good on Rosie O'Donnell, but it's simply not befitting the dignity of a UN ambassador.

Besides, it'll make Jacques Chirac's butt tickle.

Limo Liberal

Don't forget that Bolton also ripped all of his songs out of the cold dead fingers of Motowns great African-American singers. They were ripped off when they were singing (by my Granddaddy among others) and again by Bolton after they died of broken heart failure because we didn't have socialized medicine for them. Now Bolton wishes to insult their memory again by opposing such great African-Americans as Robert Mugabe, Hissène Habré, and Menghistu Haïlé Mariam. Bolton makes me sick.

Red Loser

As the most powerful nation in the history of the world, it is important that we behave like a big stupid docile elephant and be led around by the trunk. Only then will these so-called "terrorists" give up violence and hug puppies and Jews. But nooooooo, Bush had to appoint a NEOCON with a penchant for honesty to the position. Haven't CBS and the last few Democratic candidates for the presidency taught us anything? It's not important that you tell the truth but rather that you assemble a colorful tapestry that vaguely resembles the truth.

Vishnu Troll Daddy Earth Goddess

Why does ameriKKKa get to name its own UN representative? That's so... unilateral! I think that we will never have respect among other nations until we can learn to let them choose our UN representative. After all, it's one ameriKKKan who has to get along with 192 representatives from the global body of nations. Shouldn't they have a say? They are the ones stuck working with him. Of course, by "him" I don't want to sound like a sexist bigot--I am merely recognizing the imperial hegemony of the Bu$Hitler junta, which would never allow a real womyn to perform such an important task. But I digress. To summarize: we should ask the global community to name an ameriKKKan worthy of elevation to the all important position of UN ambassador, and then honor that choice--because after all, the right to choose is the most important right of all.


"the UN headquarters could lose 10 floors and not make a difference"---crooned (whined) John Bolton.

HELLOOOOO!! Has anyone called DOHS? Sounds to me like he's got plans to enlist some BushitLaden 747 pilot cronies! Anyone else catch that threat!?!?!

What happens next? Bush overturns term limits. He gets a third term. His John Bolton inauguration theme song??: "Said I loved you, but I lied" [
[No more (Ashcroft) "Eagles" songs. I used to like that band, too.]

Gotta run over & tell my friends at DU. (and make sure CasaHowie ain't flirtin!) They'll be forever grateful for the scoop.


I'm soooo confused! I was over at DU, and they said that the tourist who was arrested for standing around with his suitcases was 1) planted by Rove to deflect attention from the Bolton hearings, and 2) MSM coverage of said tourist was squashed by Rove because it was embarassing to Bu-shaitan. I know all progressives are always right, but these two arguments seem diametrically opposed to each other. Howie, please help me understand...


Poor fella supposedly went to the KKKrapital to see the president, not realizing that Shrub's illegally-occupied office is in the White House, and also not realizing that Bush was in Crawford at the time, receiving his marching orders from the leader of the JOOOZ (dba The Pro-Israeli Zionist Cabal) himself, Ariel Sharon (what a pretty name).

Buckley F. Williams

"A UN ambassador must be first and foremost a diplomat, a keen negotiator with the humility to crawl into the UN building on all fours and beg our allies for forgiveness."

Clearly. However, it seems that Bolton may be planning to actually remove the entire UN building thus signaling a major switch in policy. We'll just have to stay tuned.


Is it just me or does Barbara Boxer’s attack on Michael Bolton seem a bit insincere. She is letting the UN down with her halfhearted attack on the one time heart throb. She’s been swooned.
He’s going to squeak by as the unambassador of Amerikkka all because she let her hormones run amuck. Once again we’re going to be the laughing stocks of the French dominated world.
Thanks a lot Babs!



You are so spot on. The blood running in the streets of AmeriKKKa will be on Ms. Boxers hands, when mass suicides take place, all over French disapproval of us.


New post on my blog regarding this very topic.

Liberal Larry

Oh, he has his own blog, does he? Well la dee daahhhh...

and it looks like a conservative blog, at that. I knew there were Bush operatives amongst us!


Liberal Larry, although your instincts are normally right on, I think you might be jumping the gun here. It could very well be that Bush has changed the URL to the kool-aid drinking blog shown. The same thing happens a lot of time with the URL I leave on my comments here...


Larry, I wouldn't think too much of anybody who has his own blog--after all, Dean04prez has one. If he can get one, so can a, "300-pound belching bull dyke with Wayne Newton hair." Damn that was a funny line, Larry!


"The French can smell arrogance like a fart in a car."
I can see them sniffing with their noses in the air and saying, Princess Leia-like: "I recognized your foul stench when you were brought on board."

Those French don't miss a trick with their statement of the obvious. We might need them to lead us around by the nose, with ChIraq's cheeky pince nez firmly clamped on Bolton's trunk.


Oh, he has his own blog, does he? Well la dee daahhhh...
and it looks like a conservative blog, at that. I knew there were Bush operatives amongst us!
Posted by: Liberal Larry | April 11, 2005 07:31 PM

Thanks for noticing! ☺


I was very disappointed in the non-confrontational stance taken by the African-American senator from Illinois, Baraka Khan. After a feisty and intellectual dialogue between Senator Boxer-she is a womyn-and Michael Bolton-he is a misogynist- Baraka Khan-he is an African-American-was downright nice to the evil Bolton.

We all know that being an African-American, Baraka Khan could have, verbally or physically, taken Bolton apart like a kid playing with a Barbie doll. He chose to let him wriggle and live. Why?

Friend of USA

Think of all the mind control equipment Karl Rove can hide in Bolton's mustache, there's probably room left for an I-pod.

CK Katje

LOL, Friend of USA:

Not to mention..well, come there any question as to where we might find bin Laden [aka: bin Hidin']? Bushitler knows he's there. Why do you think he nominated the 80's pop iCON for the UN slot?

Assuming Mr. Boltons [like father-like son, moustached] dad has passed on, perhaps he should be exumed if the case of forever missing Jimmy Hoffa is ever to be resolved.

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