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Larry, you are a paragon of journalistic intestinal fortitude. Keep on stickin it to The Man, soul brotha.


Now bush is taking us back to the Day's face painting...This might have worked under his daddy's administration but even under Bush's great depression the average U.S. household has 2.3 T.V.'s.

here's a picture of Negroponte. Don't be fooled by the clever make up.

You can't have it boths ways Bush!!!

spd rdr

But...but...I thought he was both black AND French! Oh, Bush! How could you so recklessly endanger the time-honored Franco-American alliance by supporting someone who would so deceive the world!


Uh, nerdwalet, that's not a picture of John AfroAmericanponte. It's a still from that episode of Star Trek, "Let That Be Your Last Battlefield."

Liberal Larry

Is that the one where the crew finds a totem pole with a carving of Kirk's head on it, and all the natives worship him like a God? Or the one where Spock and Bones dress up like women so the natives will throw them into the volcano instead of Ginger and Mary Ann? And then...hahaha..then the fat native falls in love with Spock and wants to marry him! HAHAHAHa that one was a hoot!

I loved that show. Too bad Bush had it cancelled.


Ponte is Italian for "bridge" not Pope. The pope is called "papa" in Italian, or pontefice. The Italian word for "black" is nero. Italians use the word "negro" in the same context as in English.

I don't know where Andrew learned Italian but he needs to ask for a refund. It was probably some Halliburton course for expatriates.

The yangban

Jeremy said:
"Italians use the word "negro" in the same context as in English."

Jeremy, I take offense at your characterization of Italians as racists. As you know the word 'negro' was created by the WASPs to subjugate blacks. As near-people of color, Italians word never stoop so low as to use such a racist term.

I call on you to recant your racist, nationalist and mysogynistic comment.

Menstrual Rainbow

I had a similar sense of confusion when I went to Montenegro and didn't see a single brother, let alone enough to stage a decent 'FREE MUMIA!!!' rally. As Reverend Jesse Jackson has (possibly) said the Negroponte appointment is another Thelma, or something.


Doesn't matter, Bush knows his constituants are the only ones who actually watch the news unless it's about a week before the election.
He's preachin to the chior.
Intel Chief? Pshaw who cares? The real power(As pointed out by Monty Python) is in the Dept. of "Silly Walking."

Condoleeza's sistah

Does that mean that Nero was African-Italian?

Bush Ate My Soul....

Larry, I believe the Star Trek episode you're thinking of is the one where Kirk and Spock land on the planet of nubile blondes with tiny brains and hideously-overdeveloped mammary glands.

The natives try to help the crew of the Enterprise free themselves from the repressive, hate-filled sexual attitudes of a testosterone-laden, male-dominated Judeo-Christian culture and immerse themselves in an orgy of free love and crossdressing.

Sadly, John Ashcroft's stormtroopers heavily edited the finished screenplay, forcing the blondes to re-film their scenes wearing pointy Playtex cross-your-heart bras.

Bush cancelled the series shortly thereafter.

Bush Ate My Soul....

Larry, as good as this post is, I feel there is a larger issue you have neglecting to explore that we as Progressives ought to be voicing, and that is: WHAT WOULD FDR HAVE THOUGHT OF NEGROPONTE'S APPOINTMENT?

By examining several of his speeches from 1935 in nauseating detail, I have determined that FDR would NOT have approved of Bush's illegal and unprovoked invasion of the peaceful brown-skinned indigenous peoples of IraK in pursuit of oil.

There is really only one legitimate standard for us today in 2005 as we examine the pressing issues of the day, and THAT is THIS: "What would FDR have done"?

It is clear from his writings that he clearly anticipated the nomination of Ambassador Negroponte and that HE DID NOT APPROVE.

He would have preferred Madeleine Albright.



This is why the democrats need to filibuster any of Bush's Judicial Appointee's who are not strict constructionists, meaning, they first determine
WWFDRD? What Would FDR Do? Then they mold the law around that!!!!

spd rdr

Hold on! It possible that Bush has unwittingly appointed one of our own! The letters in "Negroponte" can be rearranged to form the words "Green on top" and "non-protege!" Ha! We've got a mole in the Bush administration at last!
[I'm still decifering the anagram "go teen porn," but it probably means something good for the First Amendment.]


Wow sdr rdr!!
thats almost as amazing as my new bible code software that clearly states in Code that homosexuality is indeed the chosen prefrence.


i started at Judges 1:14 on the first "H" and every 150 letters spells out
"Homosexuality is great, That's the one I would pick; no sin"


He has a mole on his forehead which makes him 1/100,000 negro, which is 2% more negro than Ward Churchill is native american. That mole allows him to dance only the polka, however he can't dunk a basketball or hold up a liquor store.

Bush Ate My Soul....

"That mole allows him to dance only the polka, however he can't dunk a basketball or hold up a liquor store..."

I hate you.

I just spit coffee all over myself. And now I can't stop laughing.

Bush Ate My Soul....

My Goddess... nerdwallet is right!...err...Left...err...progressively enlightened!

Strict constructionists... must not think...brain exloding now...


In order to be politically correct and to not refer to anyone as being 'right' or 'wrong', the proper term for being accurate is 'correct.' Anyone caught using the term 'right' to show accuracy or correctness will be publicly humiliated.

Menstrual Rainbow

"the proper term for being accurate is 'correct.' "

I prefer the word 'liberal' to mean accurate, as in Liberal Media for instance.


Jesse Jackson just weighed in on this issue. He addressed the rainbow coalition and said the following. They aksed me if this boy was a bro and I said no, he's a high yella but not a nice fella. At least I think thats what he said with his mouth full of mashed potatoes. Or he may have said pass the jella.

Bush Ate My Soul....

...but is he jellin'

I mean, is he jellin' like a felon?

Oooopsie! I think I may have inadvertently repeated another of those right-wing, racist stereotypes. I'm such a little Eichmann....

I'd hate to think I was guilty of perpetratin' some kinda myth on you all.

Bush Ate My Soul....

Speaking of perpetrating myths, Menstrual Rainbow, what exactly is this "liberal media' of which you speak?

We all know that there is no such thing - the fascist media are all hypnotized a$$-clones of Halliburton, Rupert Murdoch, fascist goose-stepping uber-Righties like Glenn Reynolds and Dean Esmay, FauxNews, and the White House blogging machine.

Peter Jennings does nothing but parrot the RNC talking points 24/7. Wake up and smell the hemp!


Not only that, Negroponte is a JEW!


Correct and liberal should be added to the lexicon of Blame Bush instead of 'right.'

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