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I assume the criteria for your 'Blog of the Week' is to find someone even more ignorant and insane than you yourself.

Certainly that's what you've done with your current choice.

spd rdr

Wow! Nothing like a little wake up call from the Ottman Empire to shake my Christian roots!

How could I have beeen so mistaken!


Sheesh! What an incredibly BORING blog. Sexy? HAHAHAHA! As my late grandmother would have sarcastically said, "Cenk's humility is outshined only by his good looks!"

Stalin Lives In Boston

Members of my local Kerry-Moore wish circle have told me that everything Cenk writes, even if it's opinion, is as factual as 'factual' can be. Cenk might very well be the new Messiah if he and we actually believed in any god that the reichpublicans believed in.


What a bunch of self congratulatroy flatulence. I think they write their comments themselves. At least they admit Alan Colmes is a softball.


15 reaers? That's it?? Must be Bush's fault.

Stalin Lives In Boston

The Turks have blinding insight. They should not be discounted as they weighed in with one of the most poignant pre-election statements: "Official Election Prediction -- John Kerry Wins Easily"

They even go on with a long list of all the reasons John Kerry had that would sway an election victory momentuously in his direction.

I hope no one tells Dumbya that he lost the election in a landslide, he seems to think he won. We all know what happens when the Reichpublicans get embarassed: they frame a Democratic politician with a cigar and an ignorant intern.

Cheney W. Halliburton

"Cenk Uygur"?

That sounds suspiciously like the sound I make when I'm constipated. And then there's Cenk's picture.



Clinton who was lead by force into Kosovo and who's idea of military intervention was only something performed from 40,000 feet in the air?

Yo, if Cenk can rebuild Clinton's legacy, he'll be forever know as "The Turkmeister"........

seems more like a TURKEY to me.


What a hilarious site these supposed young Turks (short for clueless turkeys?) have put together...

Note how the clueless have flocked there like it was the second coming of that radio network, "Air America"...

Hmmm, I wonder if they tried to get Al Franken to post something on their site?


Cheney, with all your money you really need to get yourself a full service bath complete with a toilet
(pronounced in Phrench as twahlay)instead of the mayonnaise jar. Then you won't be making 'inhibited.'



Cheney W. Halliburton

Cricket, I can assure you that the quality of my bathroom has nothing to do with it. You can't fill a palace with books written in crayon and claim they're great works of literature.

Besides, I like being constipated. Forces the blood into -- other parts.

Mel in NorCal

Nothing says brotherly love like "Young Turks". This is the same name that the Turks gave themselves back in 1915 when they decided to "clean" up the Ottoman Empire by "relocating" all of their Christians. At least 1.5 MILLION Armenians were murdured under the "Young Turks". Greeks, Assyrians, and other Christian minorities were "liquidated" as well. Look up Armenian Genocide and see. Cenk, what a prick you are! I hope you catch something that burns and itches!


Why am I not surprised? Dual standard of the left.
Name themselves after a 20th century group of pre Hitler
youth noted for brutality in the waning days of the Ottoman Empire. Are they planning to purge the web of
conservative thought? Ain't gonna happen. That would then make them stewpid (I love the way Dexter says that on 'Dexter's Lab). as well as bigoted.


Hmm. Interesting points, Mel and Cricket. Could these be the same folks throwing out epithets like, "fascist," against our president? Could it be that they are so ignorant and/or stupid that they don't even understand who they are emulating???

Mel in Norcal

Interesting. Mel in Norcal posted the Armenian Genocide info. I'm she, and I have no idea who Cricket is. This comment portion is one behind.Means it will say JannyMae posted what I'm typing if I'm correct. Oops.

Mel in Norcal

Yep. I'm right.

Liberal Larry

Damn that BUSH!




I like turkey.... it makes me sleepy. Oh and I heard John Kerry today blame FOX news for his loss! I think he should get into specifics, much like I was brainwashed in Marine Corps boot camp O'Reilly regularly deploys mind erasing waves of logic across sattelites tricking the poor unsuspecting blues (no)clues folks into voting red!!! course it could be that they were all just color blind.... and mistakenly voted red? anyway i think they should suspend O'Reilly and the rest of Fox news for the remainder of the broadcast season..... maybe they can hang out at Artest's house....


Please join me in a moment of silence, as we mourn the pending retirement of American Hero, Dan Rather.

Say! Maybe he can get a job blogging with the Young Turks. It'd be like Tex-mex.. only Tex-turk.


* there is blank space where the name/address/url entry boxes are supposed to be. I have this problem on different computers using different ISPs. been going on for several days now. anyone else seeing (or, um, not seeing) this?

Liberal Larry

I'm not having any problems. Try some other typepad blogs and see if it's doing the same thing.


Gullyborg - uncheck the "remember info" box and voila!

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