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Sorry to say once again, but class equals motivation. Why would I want to go to college, med school, and spends four years in residency working my ass off so that I can make as much as a janitor that didn't graduate from high school. The question, while simplistic, is one that you cannot answer. Simple analysis of opportunity cost would suggest that under your extreme version of social equality. I would put myself at a significant financial disadvantage by trying to better myself. Keep dreaming folks, it will never happen. By the way, is it just me or has every socialist and or communist society failed because eventually the State has to become the dominant force in society to enforce the equality you espouse. Sometimes when you venture so far left, you venture right.


Mark has NO idea what he's talking about. A Federal Maximum Wage makes PERFECT sense.

Hey, Mark! Read a few more of Larry's blogs! You'll be converted in NO time!

J at TAotB

RV is right, Mark. Read a bit more and you'll understand.

Larry, I can only say that your clear thinking is the brightest spot in my day.

I might add, though, that you need to add a maximum "hours per work week" to your recipe for Utopia.

Otherwise those money-hungry conservatives would simply work 80 hours a week and STILL have more money than our deserving poor.

Thank the non-existent supreme being (lower case on purpose) that as more liberal friends become able to afford the now-cheaper medical schools, obviously the quality of that education will not go down: we all know how much smarter liberals are than the conservatives who currently run all educational institutions.

The Commissar

Khorosho, Comrade!

The Politburo has determined that "Blame Bush" is filled with appropriate, Party-line criticism of Criminal Reactionary Bush. Therefore you have been added to the Politburo's fraternal Socialist Blogroll.

Maximum Wage Now!


I couldn't look myself in the mirror if I voted for Bush without knowing all he's to blame for. Excellent public service!


France has a mandatory cap on hours you can work per week. The theory is, if an employer can afford to pay me for 40 hours per week, then he can also afford to pay me and some other guy for 20 hours per week (nevermind all that nonsense about other benefits, additional training costs, etc.)

The interesting thing about this story is that not only is the economy in France not improving, but the French actually have to hire guards to stand in office building lobbies and go through the briefcases of executives who are leaving to make sure they aren't taking work home with them.

Vive la France!

Tamale pie

Instead of a number, like 20 dollars per hour. What would be more fair is a percentage of a company's or corporation's profits. This way those with the most education and experience still get more of the money, but the people on the lowest rung can still take their two week vacation in southern India.


Check Out This page on Maximum Wage, pretty neat ideas:

basically, no maximum wage. Instead, force those who make more than X per year to spend all over X. Instead of sitting in a bank account, they must pay employees more, donate to charity, hire girlscouts in bikinis to wash their cars, or else governement uses ur money to build new schools, roads, welfare...

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I can't be bothered with anything recently. I've pretty much been doing nothing to speak of. Not that it matters.


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Prejudice will always be a part of society

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I've just been letting everything pass me by. Shrug. Basically not much notable going on lately.

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I haven't gotten much done recently. I don't care. My life's been basically boring these days. Whatever. More or less nothing exciting going on lately, but pfft.

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That's a fine pay check for a fine Senior Manager. You can do quite a bit with a thousand bucks.
Any extra corporate profits in excess of $1,000.00 per year per employer, stockholder, and top employee, can simply be withheld, or eventually subject to taxes on retained earnings.
This would make things more equal, why not consider this?

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