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wrong, soooo wrong.


Once again, you are so right Larry. Like our great philosopher Mr. Carville said you could probably "drag a $100 bill through a trailer park" and get 10 more Repugnican ho waitresses like that. The reich-wing questioning Mr. Cleland's patriotism by talking about his voting record in the Senate is just so typical. Hell they're doing it to Kerry now. Don't they know he SERVED IN VIETNAM?!?!? How dare they talk about his record, the facists. They should all be lined up and shot or put in forced labot camps and their "writings" should all be burned.

Kerry in 04! He'll put the Unions in charge of our Security!

J at TAotB

Bastard Repukes. Always beating a man when he's down. . . and with his own limbs even!

They bring up minutia like voting records. What will these heartless bigots do next? Question Kerry on HIS record? Oh wait, they already did that! (Ha ha I zinged 'em good, huh?)

Now I'm REALLY pissed at those guys!

Like when Bush said Kerry wasn't patriotic!

Whaddaya mean he didn't say that?

Then I'm sure it was Cheney! No?

Ashcroft? Powell? Rice? Nope?

Wolfowitz? the RNC? Uh-uh?

Damnit, I know ONE of them did it. I heard it from DemocraticUnderground so it MUST be true!

La Femme Crickita

And where was Jack Nicholson during that? HHHHhhhmmmmm?
Probably whacking Tom Cruise upside the head for his very bad imitation of him as COL Jessup.

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