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strong work Larry. During times of tragedy like this, warriors of truth such as you must point out the fallacy that is the Bush Administration... own up to the atrocities Shrub!


You missed it Larry. I think we all know now that Bush is in hiding not because he doesn't want to apologize for his participation in Berg's demise, but because he HIMSELF is the one that DID IT!

Check this out.


Our careful and diligent thinkers at DU have concluded that Bush is the one that did the deed.

John Kerry in 04! He admits his War Crimes!

Liberal Larry

Democratic Underground is a fountain of truth and wisdom. I especially like the "Nostradamus Predicted George Bush Would Kill Nick Berg" post...

No, I didn't write it.


The fact that you resort to this "Dumbya" rhetoric tells me everything I need to know about you fools.

You are not bright. Not decent. Probably not entirely in control of your bowel movements.

Who helps you fools pull on your underpants in the morning?


Pssst... Monty... it's a joke!

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