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it has been said before, but they were all wrong.

This is your best work yet.


Moi ;)

Wait for the meatheads'
Ranting and raving diatribes
You are in deep sheet.



Ahh, to look at Mr. Gonzales. If I were ten years younger...and a woman...and single...and a moron...and blind...

...I'd definitely tell him "I like you, but not in that way."


One day you liberals will wake up and pull your heads out of your asses, maybe not soon but one day you will realize your giant shortcomings.
Oh yea,
Rene I hope you choke on your own blood.

If you want my gun.........
you can have it............


Mindless, metaphorical, racist bullshit from a Grad student? Is this what our country's higher educations is coming too?
From a Military Vet/Grad Student to a freeloading, pathetic excuse for a human being, it comes down to this... you will never, I repeat never, come to know what was in Pat Tillman's heart or in any other AMERICAN'S Heart for that matter. Say what you will, but know that you are only allowed to do so because REAL American's have gone forth and paved the way. You are a traitor and you are my enemy.


Just another jealous "NERD" with a pencil and a big mouth. LOL! What a fricken loser. Can't believe I just wasted 1 minute of my life on this guy. The World is a Corporation with Ego's or feelings. That's the nature of the beast. People die and people sacrifice there lives for dorks like you. Can't change the machine. You live in the best Country in the World. Pat Tillman stood up for his Country. That's something you will never do. What are we suppose to do as a Country Mr. Genius? Sit and suck are thumbs? NO! You have to punch the bully in the mouth, put an end to the fungus before it starts growing. This Country isn't perfect but its the way of the WORLD, its as good as it gets. Yeah, we are pissing off a lot of people who don't understand that the World is a business. Deals are made, sometimes with shady people. Thats just the way it is. Someone is always going to feel jaded. Can't please everybody. Countries need to learn to like each other. Every large Country has a Military for a reason. Make yourself some coffee and wake-up.


grow up and loo around! the reasone why we have rules is becuase some people are to childish to be responsible with them. you are a prime example of why we have rules... becuase people like you should not have freedom of speach! you cant handle the freedom. if you are so against america then go to another country! and as for the jock thing? i dont know the guy but is it so bad he wants to better himself and enjoy life instead of bein a prick like you? where will spelling bee get you in life? bein fit will get you not only a girl, help with a job, help socialy, live longer, and protect him against lil messups like you.

Paul Button

To Rene and the ass hole who wrote this insane article, I would love to meet you in person and challenge you to some intellectual discussion concerning our constitution, particularly the 1st Amendment. You guys have clearly place yourself in a category of superior intelligence, which is absolute garbage. I would recommend that you grow up and get over the fact that you’re NERD. Your attempt at desecrating Pat Tillman’s death proves that you’re not so intelligent after all. I’m a military officer and damn proud of the fact that I do my best to protect the citizens of this great nation, to include you morons. The fact is you are spine less and will never have the courage that was instilled in Pat. He was man trying to serve his county and his fellow citizens. If you truly possess intelligence you would realize the Pat’s so called heroic status was developed after his death. Unfortunately for Pat, he is not able to defend himself against cowards like you and Rene. Rangers live by creed which is completely out of your reach or understand. Yourself professed superior intelligence will also fall short of being an honorable human being. Good luck with you worthless lives and remember that because of brave men and women like Pat your rights to the 1st Amendment will always be protected. Do yourself a favor and try to wrap your intelligent mind around the fact that America was attack by those so called sheep herders and Noriaga’s thugs murder a marine’s family.

Steve Grochowsky

It'sd a shame you have nothing to offer this world but your "intelligence". Judging by what you write, you are short on intelligence and long on ego. It must really hurt your feelings that you are not a "dumb jock". You really seem to have an infatuation with them. Pat Tillman gave up his life so that you could have the freedom to spout off your nonsense. You should call his family and thank them.


Wow yeah let's make Pat Tillman jokes. You are a far greater American than that asshole Pat Tillman. He went to war in a time of need for his country and died... what a Sally. But you... You are bravely going where no man has gone before! You post anonymous articles on the internet about how real heroe's are not heroes at all, after all, its not like they're going to do anything about it, their dead. You are the true hero, not any of those other guys.

Just in case your head is too far up your ass that was all sarcasm, you ARE an ignorant asshole that apparently thinks the way to end the Iraq war is to anonymously rant against fallen US heroes. I think there's another act of heroism in the fact that so many American soldiers are willing to risk their lives for your unthankful, dishonorable, and disrespectful ass. Though you may not agree with our reasons for going to war, that doesn't mean you need to go so low as to attempt to bring shame to these heroes' names. Also, that is a very ignorant thing to say about the "sheephearders". I can assure you that most Iraqi's and Afghani's are not involved in any form of sheep hearding and it is a very stereotypical and racist thing to say about their people. Have some respect.

Johnny Rebel

Maybe you could stop bashing the people actually going out and doing something proactive. Instead, you and your wetback friend gonzalez insist on sitting on your ass and criticizing the type of people who have made this country what it is, the best. If you and Rene don't like it or think that we are greatly at fault in this country you can take your liberal friends, do real Americans a favor and just leave.


Yo geniuses! Its called satire. This guy was being sarcastic when he was "supporting" that bonehead Rene. Did a pretty good job too, by fooling Mr Military Man here, LOL!

I don't support the war either but Rene's article was unreal and OVER THE TOP!

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