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The Commissar

too funny.

"People will think we're supporting some troop's butt."


Great work. Thanks for the effort.Funny & SCARY.


ROFLMAO! "George Bush stole erection". Great work, "keep it up"!

Sharps Shooter

Ooooh! Nailed it, ya did!

So committed to having it MY way, the 20 assembled people can't have it THEIR way, because they're too busy trying to convince oppressive, nazi, fascist chairpersons of the validity of MY way, they can't get around to OUR way...

Now 'scuzi... I gotta go deface some Murrican flags for the Peace Rally tomorrow.

J. Fielek

In the immortal words of Curly Joe -- Supoib!

Charles Budney

Mike Moore is a guy who never cleaned up his act, got a harcut, or a got a real job.
All of his semi-moralistic pontificating is just promotion of his own movie. His REAL agenda is promoting himself, his movies, and trying to delay getting a REAL JOB.


Bush is such a Nincompoop!


I think he is completely responsible for our men being over there my husband is in iraq and i want him home and if it wasn't for George Bush then he would be. I dont think he is doing a good job at all. Pull them out George Bush what are you trying to do kill everyone till there is no one left to fight for a country that hates us.........

Joe Durlin

Fuck all you ungrateful democrats. You better fucking post this god damn message you no good fucking pussies. All of you deserve to die for what you say about our troops. If it wasnt for them defending your right to bash them then you would all be just like Iraq where you cant even vote without getting killed. I cant believe that I would fight for a bunch of whining pussies that cant even give respect. I hope you sensor this because it is America and you need to sensor everything that is bad for your image. You fucking pussies.


“...our Dessert for Deserters® cupcake stand...” -Larry

There is a problem with those cupcake stands. The last time I set one up Michael Moore ate them like popcorn and refused to pay me!

Just how many Thai sticks can you buy from Khim Lam with cupcake crumbs and beard stubble! None! Not even a few medicinal hemp seeds. And, no, I don’t want to practice karma sutra with Michael Moore.


No Nukes! No Nukes! Quack, quack!

Mike Williamson

Germany was not behind 12-7!


It seems to be interesting... I write my blog too.

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